What is Mental Toughness and why does it matter?

What is Mental Toughness and why does it matter?

Mental Toughness means many things to many different people. A simple description is that it is the mind-set that a person adopts in everything that they do – from our performance in work to our lives at home.

Those who have higher levels of mental resilience are able to perform consistently at or near the top of their capabilities, regardless of the challenges, pressure and stress they face.

Research carried out has identified the four key components of Mental Toughness. These are called the 4 Cs.

Challenge / Confidence / Control / Commitment

The importance of mental toughness at work The current working environment is more challenging than at any time in recent memory. Almost a decade of austerity, coupled with a looming Brexit has meant that budgets and resources across the board have been slashed. Everyone is being asked to do more with less and against a backdrop of rapidly changing technology, markets, customer expectations and dwindling job security.

Stress has overtaken muscular skeletal injuries as the number one reason for workplace absence and cost UK companies over £6.5bn a year in lost productivity from 10.4million days lost. Part of the answer lies in developing mental toughness – a measure of a person’s mindset.

By developing our mental toughness, we can improve ourselves in many ways including:

✓ Improved productivity

✓ Improved attitudes and behaviours

✓ Increased well-being and ability to manage stress

✓ Improved ability to handle change

✓ Greater engagement and job satisfaction

✓ Higher retention rates and reduced absenteeism

✓ Better customer service

✓ Enhanced assessment of candidates

✓ World-class performance under pressure

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