Getting Interviews Right!

The art of conducting an effective interview really is a skill set that has been massively underrated. Recruitment offers an ideal opportunity to bring on board people who can make a real difference and play a significant part in the long-term success of the business. Summed up perfectly by Peter Drucker.

“of all the decisions an executive makes, none are as important as the decisions about people; because they determine the performance capacity of the organisation“

Like many other people management skills, the ability to conduct an effective interview very rarely comes naturally and over recent months we have seen an increase in demand for training and development support on the subject.

Our mix of interactive group workshops, ‘live’ interview skills practice and coaching support has proved highly successful.

Preparation, a clearly defined interview structure and behavioural questioning techniques have been the foundation of the sessions delivered with the opportunity to build in your corporate values and competency framework.

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Recruitment & Interviewing Skills