Secrets of closing the sale

Ask questions and listen

Make sure you “peel the onion” and ask as many relevant questions as is appropriate.

The more you know about your potential customer and how they will use your products / service, the better chance you have of presenting value.

The types of questions matter

When you talk to your potential customer, try the approach of asking questions as if they have already bought your product or service. Don’t ask them if they’d like to buy but how they will be paying. Ask how they will use your product or service.

Show customer your full offering & the results achieve

When you share results information with your potential customer it allows them to see how they can grow and scale their operation or satisfy their personal need; it makes it easier for them to buy what you’re selling because they’re seeing results. Customer testimonials can come in handy at this time.

Assumptive close

One of the best secrets of closing the sale is to assume the person on the other side has already made the decision to purchase your product or service. There are a few reasons behind this:

Depending on your industry, there’s a good chance your prospect has already done their research on your company or product, and, to a certain extent, already decided they are going to buy. The confidence you show by assuming the sale will make it easier to build a relationship with your client. By the time you’re done, they don’t even realise they’ve been sold.

Tell your story visually

Visuals can help your message become actionable. Video, whiteboards, images or other pictures will show how your prospect’s problem will be solved with what you’re selling. By using images you create contrast, which can create the feeling of urgency, which will help you close the sale.

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