Hitting the refresh button on your sales skills

For many businesses the start of a New Year is the time to communicate their strategic objectives and set sales targets for next 12 months. But, how many of us at this time year also take the time to reflect of our sales performance during the previous 12 months? Reviewing, what went well? What challenges did you face? What could you do differently to improve your performance?

Sometimes, we can lose sight of the simple things that when working with customers / clients make all the difference. Have a look through the list of core skills and behaviours below and see if you are doing these during every single sale or customer interaction. If  not, maybe now is a good time to hit the refresh button and put some energy and focus back into your sales approach.

  • Research your customers – find out their strengths, weaknesses, ambitions, competitors and challenges.
  • Know your sales success criteria – have a clear process for your call / meeting. Think through the different questions the customer may ask and rehearse how you can react seamlessly.
  • Prepare all your questions – A major part in being confident when selling comes down to being extremely well prepared.
  • Tailor your approach – being able to adapt the way you communicate will allow you to build rapport quickly with different personality types. Listening carefully and picking up on use of language and responding accordingly will help you engage effectively with customers
  • Balance confidence and enthusiasm – have complete faith in what you are selling  but overconfidence can be a negative trait and turn the customer off.
  • Sell ethically & with integrity – never overpromise, build open and honest relationships with your customers.
  • Handling objections – remain positive and see objections as an opportunity to re-position the value / benefits that your products / services can provide. Isolate objection and don’t move on until you have confirmed the customers is happy with your response.

Futureproof have a real passion for keeping it sales simple and getting the little things right!

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