Why choose an ilm Accredited Programme?

ILM has the UK’s widest range of leadership, management and coaching qualifications. In the past ten years, over one million managers have trusted ILM for their management programme and benefitted from their recognised training programmes.

ILM approved training providers are recognised for their ability to deliver the highest standards of training through effective course content, professional trainers and quality procedures. Stringent requirements for training providers include:

  • Detailed inspection and approval of the content of each course
  • Definition of the relevance and structure of each programme
  • Ongoing management by the provider of quality and delivery by full-time, ILM-accredited staff
  • Continuing external assessment of each provider by the ILM

Benefits of ILM Accreditation

ILM qualification give you a range of key management skills and techniques to drive better results in the workplace. Building your leadership capabilities, allowing you to motivate and engage teams and manage relationships confidently.

ILM is an incredibly flexible qualification as it enables you to undertake units which either you or your employer think are needed in order to meet your specific development requirements.

By choosing an ILM programme, you will be joining the 70,000 people who undertake an ILM qualification every year. More employers choose our programmes than any other specialist awarding body.

As an approved provider Futureproof Training have the ability to offer you a tailored development programmes for Team Leaders (Level 3) and Middle Managers (Level 5). For further information and how we can design a programme to meet you requirements please get in touch 01623 409 824 or info@futureproof-training.co.uk