Project Management for non-Project Managers

In many businesses across the UK in addition to carrying out their daily operational duties, managers are also expected to manage, lead and successfully deliver a broad range of business projects.

But, how many of these managers are given the correct guidance and development needed to manage projects successfully? A professional approach to project management can ensure that businesses of all sizes reap the following benefits:

  • Clarity of project goals and objectives before allocating any significant resources
  • Well controlled progress through all the essentials stages of the project
  • Well managed and realistic delivery timescales
  • Projects delivered within the agreed budget
  • Clear identification of the project team’s roles and responsibilities
  • Implementation of an effective project communication strategy
  • Strong leadership, team collaboration and accountability

At Futureproof we have a dedicated team of Project Management consultants who can help your managers learn the key stages involved in the project management life cycle before looking at core key skills and behaviours required to be an effective Project Manager.

Project Management for Managers

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