The magic answer to motivating your team

There are many different motivational theories out there and many businesses coming out of a difficult economic down turn looking for ways in which they can increase morale and motivation.

Are Maslow and Herzberg really going offer the magic answer to increasing levels of motivation? Both models can certainly help raise awareness about the fundamental wants and needs of employees but what else can businesses and managers do to keep employees motivated and engaged?

What about if we just simplified the concept of motivating people? Doing the little things well and often? What if we……..

  • Offered praise and recognition for a job well done?
  • Spoke to staff on a regular basis?
  • Adapted our communication style to get the best out of others?
  • Took an interest in the challenges that they currently face?
  • Offered a supportive ear when problems are raised?
  • Got to know a little bit more about them as person? The football team they support or their other interests outside of work.
  • Gave clear direction & instruction on daily tasks / activities?
  • Provided constructive and developmental feedback when required?

I think we would all agree, if managers were able to do just half of the things on the list above you would see a shift in the motivation and engagement of staff.

Future Proof Training have developed a range of different workshops and programmes that focus on getting the best out the individuals within a team.