Mental Health First Aid and Why It’s Important

We have found as a training company that Mental Health is the hot topic currently and that organisations are finding it essential to train some of their employees up to be Mental Health First Aiders, to enable them to support people with poor mental health and know how to deal and react to a number of situations.

Could you identify when someone may be experiencing mental health problems?  Do you have great listening skills and the ability to reassure and respond to someone in a crisis. Maybe now is the time in everyone’s life that we should try and be aware of how people are feeling because people are living very lonely, frightening lives at the present time.

There are many factors that can influence our thinking, positive mental health and psychological wellbeing, these can include our work, our family, our friends, our environment, loneliness, money worries etc.

How many people actually ask for help, the pandemic has seen an increase in people asking for help. The Health and Safety Executive in 2019 detailed that 12.8 million working days are lost due to work related stress, anxiety, depression .

Companies are starting to make more of an effort to look after the wellbeing of their employees by offering flexible working and creating better work-life balances.  Many companies recently found that their organisations managed to function properly with the majority of their employees working from home.

The Mental Health First Aid programme raises awareness of the stigma around mental ill health and teaches that early intervention by recognising signs and being able to support people and react in the correct way enables recovering.

If you would like to book any of your employees onto the Mental Health First Aider Programme starting on 1st February or if you would like to run this in house for your organisation, please get in touch, 01623 409 824 or

Mental Health First Aider Programme (Now available virtually)