Investing in new managers a must!

For many years technical competence, experience in the role or time served in a business have been the criteria for promoting employees to a people manager position. A natural assumption is made that with experience and expertise comes an ability to successfully manage a team of people.

There is no doubting that having experience and technical know how can command the respect of others however, when managing people for the first time so many other skills come under scrutiny. Just raising awareness around different personality preferences (both your own and those within your team) will provide a great foundation for when looking at the best ways to communicate and engage with your team.

Building on this foundation, new managers can be introduced to different management / leadership styles that looks at the importance of flexibility and adaptability in their approach. Situational leadership would be an excellent model to explore especially when looking at team dynamics, delegation, objective setting, giving feedback and supporting the development of individuals.

Future Proof have developed a highly effective new managers programme that will successfully support the transition from colleague to managing a team. We are aware that ‘one size does not fit all’ therefore our programmes can be fully tailored to ensure they meet the specific requirements of your business and your people managers.