Fostering Employee Wellbeing

It’s hard to argue against how important employee wellbeing is, but many organisations still have a way to go when addressing the topic.

The media constantly tells us of the benefits, but how can businesses go the extra mile when looking after their employee’s wellbeing?  Introducing a holistic approach is likely to be the most impactful way of doing it.  Organisations need to look at physical and mental wellbeing, introduce measures to promote and communicate a wellbeing strategy and involve as many people as possible to bang the drum on how important it is, not only for the employee but the wider business as a whole.

As a fairly simple guide, we believe that introducing the following steps could make the difference between a good approach to wellbeing and one that really engages and pushes the topic to the forefront.

Recognise and Praise

Recognition and praise should be at the heart of the culture of a business as it’s one of the most desired and easiest to implement.

Simply recognising employees for their effort, achievements and performance costs nothing but goes a long way in the minds of employees. The impact of a recognition-rich culture cannot be understated.

Don’t underestimate the physical

Introducing initiatives to promote a healthy physical environment for employees has major benefits.  Yes, hitting the gym isn’t everyone’s bag, but thinking laterally and introducing innovative ways to help employees improve their fitness can be a win for all.  Think about fitness challenges between departments, subsidised gym membership, cycle to work schemes, the daily mile, walk to work schemes – the list can be endless and there’s lots of great ideas out there.

Wellbeing Survey’s

Launch a wellbeing survey to get a temperature check on where your employees see the business tackling wellbeing.  Better still, link it with existing employee surveys.

The Wellness Calendar

Pay attention to the key dates, days, weeks and months in the calendar and link them with your own initiatives – think Mental Health Awareness month, Menopause Awareness month, Mindfulness week – the list really does go on!  Link this to your own wellbeing calendar and promote, promote, promote.

Charities & Tech

Look at ways you can link up with key charities on the key topics that mean the most to your employees.  Similarly, look at ways to encourage employees to use apps and podcasts to help boost their mental health and share some of the best feedback with the wide business.

Work/Life Balance

Ask whether your business is doing enough to address this subject and look internally at flexible working, maternity/paternity leave, compressed hours, lieu days, ‘re-focus’ days, sabbaticals or working from home flexibility plans.

Eating’s NOT cheating

Promote a healthy eating lifestyle by highlighting the positives of a healthy diet and look at ways you can help in the canteen.  Ditch the chips and introduce vegetarian and vegan options along with healthier snacking versions to keep people going throughout the day.