Building & maintaining resilience in uncertain times

The Oxford English dictionary defines resilience as “the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties” and as we enter into yet another period of uncertainty and anxiety due to the pandemic, that definition must ring true for many of us when we think about how we will try to move forward through these trying times. 

Many believe that it’s our resilience and capacity to recover that will be the key to living with the virus and provide a coping mechanism to get over the personal loss that many have faced, particularly throughout the festive period.

But we must not forget that being resilient at work will also play a huge role in managing our mental health.  Teams may be smaller than before, roles may have changed, communication styles will have shifted and we have all had to become adept at using different tech.  If we’re not resilient to change then we’re going to find ourselves in trouble when the next big change comes around.

Resilience at work looks different for us all.  For some, it might be changing the ways we speak to our colleagues or how we lead our teams.  For others, it could be the way we create a better working environment or looking at ways to change the businesses culture for the better.

Whatever it looks like to you, building your resilience is going to be key.  Building it might come in the form of working outside of your comfort zone, taking on a new project or simply challenging things when they don’t feel right.  One thing’s for sure, respect, honesty and the ability to communicate to those around us will help us adapt, flex and bounce-back during this time of adversity.

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