Getting Interviews Right!

The art of conducting an effective interview really is a skill set that has been massively underrated. Recruitment offers an ideal opportunity to bring on board people who can make a real difference and play a significant part in the long-term success of the business. Summed up perfectly by Peter Drucker.

“of all the decisions an executive makes, none are as important as the decisions about people; because they determine the performance capacity of the organisation“

Like many other people management skills, the ability to conduct an effective interview very rarely comes naturally and over recent months we have seen an increase in demand for training and development support on the subject.

Our mix of interactive group workshops, ‘live’ interview skills practice and coaching support has proved highly successful.

Preparation, a clearly defined interview structure and behavioural questioning techniques have been the foundation of the sessions delivered with the opportunity to build in your corporate values and competency framework.

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Or have a look at our standard workshop agenda and we can work with you to tailor the content.

Recruitment & Interviewing Skills

We have lift off! A truly unique team event

Are you looking for a team event with a difference? Then, why not try the National Space Centre in Leicester.

Whether you have a newly formed team or an existing team who would benefit from looking at ways in which they can work more effectively together, the Space Centre offers a truly unique experience. The Challenger Learning Centre is one of only two educational space mission simulators of it type outside of North America.

On arriving at the centre your team will receive a briefing before blasting off to take part in a mission in to space! The mission is conducted in a controlled environment which allows us to test how the group communicate, solve problems, handle pressurised situations, offer feedback to their colleagues, receive feedback from their colleagues and react to a difference of opinion.

Facilitated by Futureproof’s Training Consultants the event will provide a powerful mix of group interaction, an open and honest appraisal of team performance and group discussion linked to improving team work.

For more information – #letsmaketeamworkfun

What if levy funded programmes don’t meet your requirements or are not an appropriate style of development for your business?

Many people will agree that the introduction of the apprenticeship levy in May has mainly resulted in a positive step forward. However, for some businesses the duration of the programme, the initial assessment, the personal investment of time required from employees, and the structured assessment criteria throughout is just too much.

What is the alternative? For Futureproof the answer is simple, we work closely with an organisation to fully understand their requirements and business culture and only then do we start to plan the most appropriate training and development interventions to put in place.

We must then create a learning environment that utilises practical, engaging and challenging methodologies that are focused on a sustainable application of new skills and behaviours back in the workplace.

The link below offers some suggested modular development programmes that have been designed and delivered for other organisations. They are fully flexible in terms of duration, subjects covered and the methods used for measuring and evaluating how the learning is being applied.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss developing a bespoke programme for your business. 01623 409 824 or


The magic answer to motivating your team

There are many different motivational theories out there and many businesses coming out of a difficult economic down turn looking for ways in which they can increase morale and motivation.

Are Maslow and Herzberg really going offer the magic answer to increasing levels of motivation? Both models can certainly help raise awareness about the fundamental wants and needs of employees but what else can businesses and managers do to keep employees motivated and engaged?

What about if we just simplified the concept of motivating people? Doing the little things well and often? What if we……..

  • Offered praise and recognition for a job well done?
  • Spoke to staff on a regular basis?
  • Adapted our communication style to get the best out of others?
  • Took an interest in the challenges that they currently face?
  • Offered a supportive ear when problems are raised?
  • Got to know a little bit more about them as person? The football team they support or their other interests outside of work.
  • Gave clear direction & instruction on daily tasks / activities?
  • Provided constructive and developmental feedback when required?

I think we would all agree, if managers were able to do just half of the things on the list above you would see a shift in the motivation and engagement of staff.

Future Proof Training have developed a range of different workshops and programmes that focus on getting the best out the individuals within a team.


Investing in new managers a must!

For many years technical competence, experience in the role or time served in a business have been the criteria for promoting employees to a people manager position. A natural assumption is made that with experience and expertise comes an ability to successfully manage a team of people.

There is no doubting that having experience and technical know how can command the respect of others however, when managing people for the first time so many other skills come under scrutiny. Just raising awareness around different personality preferences (both your own and those within your team) will provide a great foundation for when looking at the best ways to communicate and engage with your team.

Building on this foundation, new managers can be introduced to different management / leadership styles that looks at the importance of flexibility and adaptability in their approach. Situational leadership would be an excellent model to explore especially when looking at team dynamics, delegation, objective setting, giving feedback and supporting the development of individuals.

Future Proof have developed a highly effective new managers programme that will successfully support the transition from colleague to managing a team. We are aware that ‘one size does not fit all’ therefore our programmes can be fully tailored to ensure they meet the specific requirements of your business and your people managers.