Consultative & Value-Based Selling, Development Programme

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This modular development programme is designed for sales professionals and account managers who want to develop a modern approach to both winning new business and growing existing customer accounts.

Employing a consultative sales approach when engaging with customers allows you to really understand the needs of a business and how your products or services will add real value. We will explore how to conduct thoroughly professional sales meetings that focus on understanding how your client will use your products / service to grow and develop their business. Understanding the importance of how you sell and not what you sell will be the underpinning theme of the course.

This development pathway follows our Present-Train-Present model which ensures we offer delegates the correct level of support and that we address the specific skills and knowledge that will have the greatest impact on behaviour and confidence.

The programme can be adjusted / tailored to meet your specific requirements and fully reflect the markets / sectors that you are targeting and the full range of products / services offered.

A blended delivery format
All of our development programmes can be designed to include a mix of face to face and virtual delivery, either in small groups or by offering individual support depending on your preference.

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