Advanced Negotiation Skills

Advanced Negotiation Skills

Duration: 1-2 days  | Maximum group size: 12 people

Course overview

This course is designed for experienced negotiators who now want to take their skills to the next level. We will explore in detail the powers of communication and influencing skills that are required to manage complex or challenging negotiations and multiple decisions makers.

Who would benefit from attending?

Advanced Negotiation is for employees who are expected to manage complex customer negotiations that involve multiple decision makers.

Core development objectives covered

• Structure & key stages of a negotiation (overview)

• Preparing your meeting strategy & tactics

• Dealing with different buyer types

• Understanding how others make decisions

• Adapting your approach to influence & persuade

• Meeting preparation ~ customer research & profiling

• Knowing your strength in the transaction

• Eliminating conflict & create understanding

• Handling difficult / challenging buyers

• Presenting strong win:win outcomes

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Delivery methodology

Futureproof’s training workshops require all delegates to take a full and active role throughout. Our mix of trainer led discussion, facilitation, coaching and skills practice ensures that all delegates enjoy an interactive and supportive learning experience.

Just a thought….

“Negotiation is in some ways like chess. You are prepared to sacrifice particular pieces in the interest of winning the game. In chess you know the pieces but you can’t see into the other person’s mind. In negotiation you don’t necessarily know the “pieces”. You have to discover and develop your own pieces and find ways of uncovering your counterpart’s.” – David Oliver

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