Managing Key Accounts

Managing Key Accounts

Duration: 1-2 days  | Maximum group size: 12 people

Course overview

Aimed at sales people managing existing customer accounts and who firstly want to employ strategies that maintain high levels of satisfaction and secondly, identify opportunities in which to grow existing or new revenue streams.

Who would benefit from attending?

Sales / Account Management professionals who are managing existing customer accounts and who want to develop and grow the revenue generated.

Core development objectives covered

• What is a Key Account Management?

• Key Account criteria ~client profiling / research

• Maintaining levels of satisfaction & building strong relationships

• Using account information to identify new opportunities

• Selling to multiple decision makers ~ identifying different buyer types

• Understanding different buyer types & personalities

• Advanced sales communication skills

• Using powerful sales language

• Presenting well-structured client propositions

• Demonstrating value & clear business benefits

• Developing compelling sales success stories

• Handling objections via Q&A sessions

• Professional follow-up & communication strategies

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Delivery methodology

Futureproof’s training workshops require all delegates to take a full and active role throughout. Our mix of trainer led discussion, facilitation, coaching and skills practice ensures that all delegates enjoy an interactive and supportive learning experience.

Just a thought…

“Key Account Management involves the systematic analysis, selection and management of current and potential strategically important customers in order to achieve a relative competitive advantage. In addition, it includes the systematic development and maintenance of infrastructure”. – Zupancic

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