Handling Difficult Situations/Conversations

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Handling Difficult Conversations / Situations

Duration: 1 day  | Maximum group size: 12 people

Course overview

Managers will learn how to manage themselves and the difficult situations and people that they encounter at work. Delegates will develop the confidence to take a proactive approach and understand the behaviours of others and how to respond appropriately whilst maintaining a professional working relationship.

Who would benefit from attending?

Anyone who wants to develop the confidence and skills to effectively manage difficult conversations / situations as they arise in the workplace.

Core development objectives covered

• What difficult situations do you encounter at work?

• Why are people difficult?

• The importance of taking a proactive approach

• Building personal confidence

• Understanding different personality types / preferences

• Adapting your approach to get the best out of others

• Giving constructive feedback on poor performance

• Keeping feedback objective & linked to observable behaviour

• Essential communication skills

• Formal & informal options to help improve performance

• Monitoring & evaluating the action taken

• Maintaining a professional working relationship

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Delivery methodology

Futureproof’s training workshops require all delegates to take a full and active role throughout. Our mix of trainer led discussion, facilitation, coaching and skills practice ensures that all delegates enjoy an interactive and supportive learning experience.

Just a thought….

As a leader, parent, or friend – don’t let someone’s poor attitude and poor performance hinder your commitment to holding them to higher standards. You don’t need to make the person ‘wrong’ for the way they’re behaving, simply point out that the behaviour is ineffective.

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