Mindfulness in Practice

Duration: 1 day

Course overview

Mindfulness is a powerful technique that can help employees at all levels across an organisation. Employees who are more mindful have higher levels of emotional intelligence, better working relationships and lower levels of stress.

This course will explore how mindfulness can help you become more agile and considered when dealing with a whole host of different workplace challenges / problems and therefore allow you to make better business decisions

Who would benefit from attending?

Ideal for employees who want to learn more about being in control of their mental state to enhance personal well-being and working relationships with others.

Core development objectives covered

• What is mindfulness?

• Understanding how the mind works

– Improving your emotional intelligence & well-being

– Practical techniques to help re-focus the mind & take time out

• Understanding how your thoughts affect the way you feel and behave

– How our thoughts affect the way we feel

– Using mindfulness to re-wire your thought process

– Increasing levels of self-awareness

• How can it help when managing working relationships?

– Letting go of critical judgements of yourself & others

– Re-focusing after difficult conversations / feedback

– Valuing difference

• Using mindfulness to help when communicating with others

– Develop more effective & genuine relationships

– Learn how to avoid being derailed by others

– Have the confidence to act according to your values

• How can it help make good decisions?

– Thinking clearly when under pressure

– Managing urgent deadlines

– Remaining objective when problem solving 

• Identifying some of the barriers & obstacles to being mindful

Delivery methodology

Futureproof’s training workshops require all delegates to take a full and active role throughout. Our mix of trainer led discussion, facilitation, coaching and skills practice ensures that all delegates enjoy an interactive and supportive learning experience.

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