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Who is this qualification for?

Coaching is an increasingly important part of organisational success, and the ability to develop and embed a coaching culture is a defining factor in this success. This accredited ILM 3 Award in Effective Coaching will develop your coaching skills and enable you to act as a Workplace Coach who is able to positively effect change in your surroundings through empowering those around you by asking appropriate questions, actively listening and giving constructive feedback. Ideal for those who are required to coach others within their organisation either as a line manager or where coaching forms part of their job role. Participants must have access to at least two coachee’s during the programme to undertake a minimum of six hours of coaching outside of the course sessions.

What will the programme cover?

Part One – Understand the purpose of effective coaching in the workplace

  • The role and responsibilities of an effective coach
  • The skills, knowledge and behaviours required of an effective coach
  • How to overcome potential barriers to coaching
  • Identify methods to initiate a productive working relationship with an individual
  • Learn the rationale for and process of contracting in coaching
  • Recognise what represents safe and ethical practice in coaching
  • How to manage a coaching process using a recognised coaching model
  • Use a range of coaching tools or techniques that can be used to identify preferences and agree goals or outcomes to facilitate the coaching process
  • Explore methods for monitoring and reviewing progress towards goals
  • The importance & purpose of coaching records for the coach and coachee
  • Reflective practice and supervision within a coaching context

Part Two – Coaching in Practice (6 hours)

Delegates will be asked to complete a minimum of three hours ‘live’ coaching with at least two people from their workplace. Supervised Session (Virtual) – your trainer / tutor will be required to attend one of your coaching practice sessions. A pre-agreed date will be scheduled to suit all participants.

Part Three – Coaching Diary & Reflective Journal During the live coaching sessions, delegates will be required to keep a detailed coaching diary that will be used to gather feedback and help each person reflect on their ability to perform effectively as a coach within the workplace. This will include identifying personal development objectives, actions and measures of success covering a minimum of a six month period.

Duration & assessment methods

The total qualification time is a minimum of 97 hours spread over a 5 to 6 month period and comprises of:

  • Mandatory attendance of knowledge-based training workshops
  • At least two hours of tutorial support
  • Supervised coaching sessions
  • Assignment work

• ‘Live’ coaching skills practice

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